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Ello everyone (If anyone comes here, Anyway XP!) Sorry about The Site, But it won't be updated with much anytime soon. Sorry, but my Computer, still, Isn't quite Ready to develope a Website. I upload a Pic, and it Crashes.So, Once I get my Grades back up, (Which i'm gonna do, Damnit!) My parents say They'll Get me a New computer. Woo-hoo! So, Just be Patient, I'll be workign on my schoolwork alot harder, To bring my Grades up, Therefor leadign to a New computer. Yaaaay! I'll also be saving my Pennies for a New Moniter..:DD So, You can still send me Art, But it won't be up for a While. I'll still have it Though, so don't Think I just Ignored you. Also, If anyoen could Link me to Spread the Site a bit more, that'd be great.

--Izz Fizz

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